Important Things To Consider While Buying Air Purifiers For Home

While energy-efficient windows and doors keep pollutants out of your home, at the same time, they also trap in a lot of bad stuff. The concentration of some pollutants is often five times higher indoors than outdoors. The smoke from tobacco, wood burning, and cooking; dust mites; gases from building materials and other pollutants have an ill effect on human health. Therefore, it is important to install the best quality air purifier.

Here are a few things you need to consider while buying the best one for your home.


This is the first and the most important thing you need to consider while buying an air purifier for your home. Buy those purifiers that have AHAM Verified seal. The next thing you need to check is the Energy Star logo and CADR ratings. 

2.Room size

Considering the size of your room while buying an air purifier is very important. However, with AHAM Verified seal, you can be assured that the unit can handle the suggested room size listed on the seal. If you are buying one for your bedroom, make sure to check the noise. Some purifiers tend to make a little noise and you do not want any disturbance in your sleep. 

3.Cost of replacement filters

Air purifier filters should be replaced every six to twelve months and the cost of its replacement can vary brand to brand. Make sure to consider the cost before you buy it.

An air purifier is a big investment for your home so make sure to do proper research before investing your hard-earned money on just any random purifier. You can buy alpine air purifiers as they provide the best quality and service.


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